Monday, May 21, 2012


My crazy little life. I never sit at the computer and now I remember why. Cruz is on my lap and is whining most of the time. Life has been great but super crazy. About three weeks ago Josh left his job of almost 10 years at Verizon and got a new job. It is a out side sales job that is out of Salt Lake. He does commute everyday. He does not seem to mind it at all. It has been a huge change a definite good one, but still change even good change is hard for me. I knew josh was ready for a new challenge an something different but it took me a minute to get excited about it. Verizon is all we have know the last 10 years. We have gotten to a lot of our goals and we grew up with him at that job. So it was a end of a chapter for us. He is loving his new job, and he after 10 years has normal hours. That has taken some time to get used to . Having your husband home everynight is weird and even more weird is every weekend. We are looking forward to memorial day, because he will be home and we can do normal family stuff.  Life is great and really other than the new job thing everything is normal and boaring just the way I like it. It me that nothing bad has happened.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super mad at myself!

okay so it is not exactly what you all think. I started my blurb book again, i am two years behind no worries right. As I am putting it together I am smiling and happy at all of these sweet little memories that I took the time to write down and blog, and now make into a book. I have slaked at the whole blogging thing really since my life went to 4 children. Yes it is a good excuse. My kids are my whole life and there is nothing that i don't do for them, but I need to think that this is for them to. So even if no one else reads my "blog" I don't really care sorry. This is for me and my kids and my wonderful crazy life.
As my children get older I am realizing how much fun and challenging being a mom is. For any mom that says it is not hard or crazy they are LYING. Every day I am brought to attention on something that I could be better at or something that my kids need to learn a mistake that they made and I need to help them with. I never thought that I would say I want my kids to make mistakes, how else are they going to learn and grow. How else am I going to teach them on how to deal and cope with things that are hard and difficult. As Hunter gets older and I have less and less not control, but he is more part of the outside world it is so hard to make sure he is making the right choices. There are so many outside influences out there that I don't want him around. I just hope and pray that Josh and I have taught him right. I am always telling his friends parents and neighbors please tell me if Hunter has done anything that needs attention. He will never learn unless I know about it. As a mom I really try hard with all of my kids to tell them to be kind to people. You don't have to be there best friend but please please just be kind.
Hunter up to this point is a great kid and I could not be prouder, but that doesn't go with out saying there has been some learning experiences and guidance. My other kids are really not out in the "world" yet for me to really know. I keep them right next to me for as long as possible.

Bella sweet Bella, she asks me for a sister almost everyday. I wish I could tell her yes for sure, but sadly that is not in my control. She is defiantly the second mother of the house and for that I am grateful. She is DRAMA and sweet. So self sufficient on somethings and just cant seem to function with out me on others. She still has me tuck her in and sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and for that I am so grateful. For I know that there will become a time that she wont want a song sung to her anymore. She insists that I take her to School in the morning. She wont even let Josh. I took her this morning she ran all the way to the door and ran back to the car just to give me a kiss. Those are the moments that I love and want to hold onto forever.
Beckaham oh man little beck is still my little guy, who is so darling and frustrating in the same sentence. He has this sweet spirit about him that I really cant explain. I have felt it about him since the day he was born. He has this cute little voice and is so funny. He loves loves Lego's right now and could play them all day. He loves his best friend Grant (Janice's Son) they are two months apart. Those two seriously have a hard time going more then one day without each other. One minute beck is your best friend and the next he is mad and angry and doesn't like you, but for some reason I just laugh and I can more often then not snap him out of his bad mood then he turns into yummy Beckham. He loves loves his little brother Cruz. He wakes up running into his room when he hears him. He wants to give him a hug and a kiss. He is always telling me that him and Cruz are twins. Beckham will tell me he loves me 10 a day. Love that
Cruz Sweet baby. Of course our he is darling he is the baby. Well 18 month old baby. he is so cute and sassy. He is starting to talk and get a fun personality. He loves to play with balls and play with Beckham. He is so sweet and cuddly. He loves his dad more then me right now. Total bummer I am sure that he will change his favorite soon well I hope so. He will wrestle with beckham and totally keep up. The dude can hold his own. He makes me smile.
So that is caught up on my kiddos. I am one lucky mom.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hunter is 10

Well as of Monday I officailly have a 10 year old. I cant believe were the time has gone. The time has gone by so so fast. The whole day all I could think about how instant i fell in love with him. He was the one that made me a mom. He was the one that was my little best friend for almost 3 years. I was so young and let's be honest had no idea what I was getting my self into. And yet I was not scared at all. He had given me more ups and downs then I could have ever imagnied for planed on. I am sure I have not seen nothing yet.
Hunter is a darling boy. He is my child that is in need of constant entertainement. He has created lasting relationships with all of his family. Grandparents, Aunts and uncles. For the most part his cousins adore him and depending on his mood he adores them back. He out going, not afraid to have fun and get a little silly at times. He loves loves to Hunt. I think that is the subject he talks about the very most. He is smart and has such a easy time at school, and always has. This kid is full of personality. He gives me some serious stress and headaches not to metnion arguing. My life with out him is better because of him.
For his birthday he was mad that we made him go to school. Yep we are horrible parents. Josh and I took him dounets for him and his class. That night Josh and I took him to Outback fo dinner. Janice offered to watch the other kids so we just took him. It was nice to just spend one on one time with him. Then we came home and opened his present. We got him something called a bat a away. It something that will help him get better at baseball. He was so excited. Well to sum it up. I am one lucky mom to have hunter as my son.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The other day I was cleaning my closest and noticed Cruz has figured out his tonge in the mirror. I took them with my phone so they are not the best pictures. It was a moment that I caught of him.

Monday, January 16, 2012

There is a first for everything.

(Don't mind the earwax)
Well on January 6th we had another first in this house. It was a typical Friday night. Josh was at work, I had just got done feeding the kids dinner and was cleaning up. I had put Cruz to bed for the night. In my head I had the rest of my night figured out. I was going to finish dishes, go workout, then watch a movie or something with the kids. Well Beckham had a new plan. He was watching Mario Brothers on my phone, yes that sounds weird but he loves watching it being played on you Tube. He was in the family room and tripped and nailed his ear on the fireplace bench that is tile. He ran over to me and of course I knew right away he needed stitches. So of course Josh was gone, so Janice to the rescue. I called her thank goodness she was home that night. She was hear like a minute later. I love that she lives so close. She called the doctors office because they were still open, we left Hunter with Cruz and took Bella with us and ran over to the Doctors. Well long story short the Doctor felt like because it was on his ear a specialist should stitch it. He arranged for a guy in Lehi to stitch it up. We went back home figured kids out. My other sister Jessica to the reuse came and sat with Bella and sleeping Cruz and Janice and I made the trip up to Lehi. They sustated Beckham he is a very strong willed child. it was so sad I was holding him and he kept saying please stop mommy please. Then while they were stitching it up we could not be in the room. That was hard. Josh met us up there after work and was there by the time they were done. Well his stitches look great and the doctor did an amazing job. They are suppose to dissolve even better. I don't know how we would have gotten those out with out knocking the kid out. I felt so bad that is was little Beckham that got stitches first. I figure I have been a mom for almost ten years, I am not doing so bad.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my princess

My one and only daughter turned 7 today. What in the heck. Time goes by way to fast the older that you get. Bella is amazing. Now please know that she is all girl and more. She is DRAMA queen all the way. She is filling in all the gaps because there is only one girl in the house besides me of course. Bella is such a little mommy almost to much some days. She loves to color and draw, and is pretty good I must say. She is so good about getting her homework done. She will start doing it on the way home from school. Her new thing is that she loves to paint her fingernails. It think she does it about every day. Now things about little Bella so that I dot forget. I have to walk her into school everyday, she just refuses to go in by her self. Yes annoying for me I know but one day she wont want to even be seen with me so i will hold on to what I can. She still has me sing twinkle twinkle to her almost every night, while i am ticking her face. She loves loves her brother Cruz, and fights with Beckham more often then not. She hates when I call her Isabella not Bella because she thinks that is not her real name. What can I say I love her like crazy. She is my only girl and don't know what I would do with out her. Who knows if there will be a little girl in out future.
For Bella's birthday today we had breakfast burritos for breakfast at her request of course. WE then went bowling in payson, and then off to wingers for dinner. We then came home for presents. We got her new sheets and a razor scooter. She also got some purple plaid toms, from Grandma Tom ( she got a matching pair). Her aunts gave her money and that about sums it up. I think she had a good day. I had a great day just being with my princess.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am really trying

Well sadly I did not do well in the blog post in 2011. Although it was a great year and nothing to complain about just a crazy one . I have a lot to catch up on. The kids started back to school today and I will say It was nice to have somewhat of a routine.
Bella did come home from school upset. She told me that her teacher will be moving at the end of the month and will be getting a new one. She was close to tears poor thing. I am sad for her and hope that the new teacher will be just as good.
I dont want to go on and on and try yo catch up. Lets be honest those of you that even still read this would get super board. So her is to a new year and being good about blogging if not for you but for my family.