Monday, May 21, 2012


My crazy little life. I never sit at the computer and now I remember why. Cruz is on my lap and is whining most of the time. Life has been great but super crazy. About three weeks ago Josh left his job of almost 10 years at Verizon and got a new job. It is a out side sales job that is out of Salt Lake. He does commute everyday. He does not seem to mind it at all. It has been a huge change a definite good one, but still change even good change is hard for me. I knew josh was ready for a new challenge an something different but it took me a minute to get excited about it. Verizon is all we have know the last 10 years. We have gotten to a lot of our goals and we grew up with him at that job. So it was a end of a chapter for us. He is loving his new job, and he after 10 years has normal hours. That has taken some time to get used to . Having your husband home everynight is weird and even more weird is every weekend. We are looking forward to memorial day, because he will be home and we can do normal family stuff.  Life is great and really other than the new job thing everything is normal and boaring just the way I like it. It me that nothing bad has happened.

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The Daley Fam said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'm even more excited I'll get to see you more. :)